High Temperature Extraction Hoses

Fumex Ltd supply a wide range of hoses for all applications, from high temperature hoses for exhaust fume extraction to welding fume extraction and wood dust extraction. All hoses are available in different diameters and lengths. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

AG 1000 – High Temperature (Crush-resistant) Exhaust Extraction Hose

High temperature (up to 180°C) extraction hosing with a polyester helix.

100mm Ø Hose per metre - Code: HOSEAG100
125mm Ø Hose per metre - Code: HOSEAG125
150mm Ø Hose per metre - Code: HOSEAG150


High Temperature (up to 1100°C) Extraction Hose

Extreme temperature (up to 1100°C) extraction hosing with stainless steel helix.

Product code:


Masterflex Clip Spark Weld Fume Hose

PVC coated glass fabric hose with galvanised steel helix.

Masterflex Clip Vinyl B

PVC coated polyester fabric hose with galvanised steel helix.

Product Code:

Flamex BF

Polyester Polyurethane hose with copper coated steel wire helix.