Maxi-Mesa / Back & Downdraught Table 1m & 1.4m

The Fumex Ltd Maxi-Mesa is a combined backdraft and downdraught table with built-in regulating damper. It is suitable for welding and heavy grinding. It extracts fumes/gases and particles backwards and downwards.

Maxi-Mesa is equipped with a regulating damper which makes it possible to adjust the width of the vertical openings of the backdraught panel. You can quickly adjust the total air volume between backdraught and downdraught with a handle on the front side.

For heavy welding the Maxi-Mesa can be equipped with a Flexi Arm 1.5m (optional extra). Thanks to the unique regulating damper the total air volume can be divided between backdraught, downdraught and extraction arm.

For heavy grinding the Maxi-Mesa can be supplied with a table-top of vertical 40x5mm flat bar irons. Hot particles and sparks will fall into the dust drawers. The main air volume should go through the backdraught panel. If the optional extraction arm is fitted, this will also extract hot fume, dust and gases which are going upwards.

Maxi-Mesa can also be delivered with a table-top of 75mm wide iron bars with 15mm extraction slots in between. It is manufactured of 2mm and 3mm steel sheet. The table height can be adjusted from 800-950mm. The side panels can be opened for long objects. Suitable air volume for 1m table is 1500-2000m3/h and for 1.4m table 2000-3000m3/h.

If the table is used for both welding and grinding it should be ducted to a centralised filter unit, or if used for welding only it can be ducted via a centrifugal fan to atmosphere.

NB. All Maxi-Mesa tables are now manufactured in white/black rather than blue/black as pictured.


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