Centralised Weld Fume Extraction Systems (4000m3/h – 48,000m3/h)

Fumex Ltd supply a range of centralised filter units to the welding industry, all designed to capture welding fumes and non-explosive grinding dust at source. ATX versions are also available for safely capturing explosive dust.

A combination of an impact separator and a reduction in air speed, direct larger particles and sparks into the dust collection container under the hopper for quick and safe disposal. This procedure protects and extends the life of the internal filter cartridges.

The pneumatic Jet-Pulse Cleaning System is automatically controlled by a differential pressure switch and time intervals.

The fan may be installed on top of the unit in a sound-proof housing (pictured) to minimise the footprint, or mounted at floor level to accommodate low roof heights. Our filter unit is usually vented to atmosphere, or alternatively, the air can be recirculated into the workshop (with W3 compliant filters).

With models available from 5.5kW (air output 4000m3/h) to 2x37kW (air output 48,000m3/h) we can design and install a cost-effective weld fume extraction system, tailored to your industry, production needs and your building.

• Jet-Pulse filter cleaning system Two optional fan locations with silencer
• Quick release wheeled collection bin
• Two optional fan locations with silencer
• Large access door for Filter inspection
• Wide range of extraction arms 1.5m to 9m
• Fitted by our experienced engineers


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