Mobile Extraction Unit - Complete Welding & Light Grinding Booth

The MF-Grinder is a complete welding and light grinding booth that is easy to use and clean.

Simply plug-in, switch on and you’re ready to weld or grind and with a large 900mm x 600mm x 6mm heavy duty steel table, our MF-Grinder is designed for many welding, grinding and fettling applications and just one of our mobile extraction units.

Fitted as standard with twin water spark traps to capture sparks and larger particulates, a powerful 1.1kW (110V / 240V) motor enables the twin grids to exhaust over 2000m³/h, ensuring that toxic weld fumes and grinding particles are safely drawn down through a large cartridge filter. The filtered air is then returned into the workplace to reduce heat loss.

The Jet-pulse filter cleaning system is designed to quickly and efficiently clean the internal cartridge filter (when connected to compressed air supply) via the hose supplied. Fumex Ltd recommend emptying the dust tray before and after the cleaning process to maximise the cleaning efficiency.

The mobile extraction unit is equipped with many features, such as a built-in welding gun holder, a connection for the earth cable from the welding machine, overhead light, removable grids for easy cleaning and lockable front castors.

Please contact us on 0114 234 1114 for further details or to arrange a free demonstration of our mobile fume extraction products.


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