Spring Balancer Systems

Fumex Ltd have offered a Spring Balancer System since we were established in 1980. The balance block supports the high temperature hose and nozzle, reducing wear and allowing the hose/nozzle to retract to a pre-set position after use.

The system is designed to your exact requirements and installed using high quality galvanised steel ducting, with a high-performance centrifugal fan to expel all exhaust gases to atmosphere via a Jet-Cowl. The operator simply pulls the nozzle/hose and connects the nozzle to the exhaust outlet, the balance block will then support the hose whilst in use.

To overcome the problem of ‘built-in’ exhausts outlets, Fumex Ltd have designed and manufactured our own range of innovative Free-Standing Nozzles. This ensures that whatever the vehicle, whatever the position (floor level or at ramp high) we can deliver a comprehensive, yet cost-effective exhaust extraction system.


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