Weld Fume Extraction Systems

The mixture of airborne particles/fumes and hot gases produced by the weld fume process make them particularly dangerous to anyone working with them, unless they are safely captured before being inhaled by the operator.

Are you aware that HSE have made changes in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume in 2019?

'With immediate effect, there is a strengthening of HSE’s enforcement expectation for all welding fume, including mild steel welding; because general ventilation does not achieve the necessary control.'

HSE Inspectors will also be carrying out visits to engineering/fabrication companies ensuring high-risk activities – particularly those affecting the health of workers – are being properly managed through provision of the following as a minimum (regardless of welding duration):

  • Suitable local exhaust ventilation (LEV) for all indoor welding activities, with respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for any residual risk, and
  • Appropriate RPE for welding outdoors

Could you spot the typical symptoms of exposure to welding fumes in your workplace? Continuous exposure to welding fumes can cause serious respiratory diseases to your employees.

Symptoms from weld fume exposure can include but are not limited to:

  • Regular sore throat
  • Sore and watering eyes
  • Continuously running or blocked nose
  • Coughing, wheezing, tight chest
  • Breathlessness that doesn’t clear up

Anyone who welds indoors, as part of their profession or employment must now by law use LEV to capture the fumes at source.

From a desk mounted arm to capture solder fumes, to our largest boom arm, where the hood can be positioned anywhere within a radius of 9 metres, you can be sure we have a cost-effective solution to meet all your extraction requirements. We also supply a range of mobile and portable HEPA rated filtration units.

Fumex Ltd has a complete range of centralised high-vacuum fume extraction systems, with centrifugal fans ranging from 0.75kW to 11kW units, which will handle 2 to 25 technicians using welding guns at the same time. Filter options if required are also available with automatic Jet-Pulse cleaning on some models. Fumex engineers will design a system that is tailored to your industry, production needs and your building.

If you’re thinking about replacing your fume extraction system, then call 0114 234 1114 and talk to our extraction experts today - we can discuss your requirements to provide a long-term solution that protects your workforce.


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