Exhaust Extraction Hoods for Military Vehicles

The dangers of breathing in heavy diesel fumes produced by large engines when maintaining and servicing are all too obvious. Working closely with our MoD Partners, Fumex Ltd have developed a range of custom designed, hand crafted exhaust fume hoods for all types of military vehicles.

  • Warrior
  • Challenger II
  • Terrier
  • MLRS
  • AS90

All our exhaust fume hoods are designed and manufactured by Fumex Ltd in the UK, in high quality galvanised steel to ensure they perform to their maximum efficiency. Depending on the vehicle, the hood can also include a secondary inlet for ancillary engine exhaust fume capture.

If you require a special one-off design or a modification to one of our standard hoods, we can easily accommodate this for you. Fumex Ltd can provide a cost-effective range of exhaust extraction systems, high temperature hoses, fans, exhaust hoods and nozzles for use with all types of military vehicles.


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