Retractable Reel System

Our Retractable Reels are suitable for almost any application whatever your vehicle or building. They are highly cost-effective and over our 40 years in the extraction business, they have provided exhaust extraction to many automotive industries throughout the UK.

The reels are easy to use, simply pull out the required length of hose and the internal ratchet allows the reel to lock in selected positions, then connect the exhaust nozzle. After use, simply pull the hose to release the ratchet and allow the return spring to recoil the hose to a predetermined point.

Hose reels are available in 650mm, 1000mm and 1250mm widths, to accommodate different hose lengths and are suitable for wall, ceiling or boom-arm mounting. All reels will accept 100mm, 125mm and 150mm diameter high temperature hoses.

Fumex Ltd can supply a comprehensive range of exhaust nozzles and free-standing nozzles for all different types of vehicle, across all industries. High temperature hosing and hose connection kits are also available.

Motorised reels with remote controls can also be supplied by Fumex Ltd.


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