Military Vehicle Fume Extraction System

Our Military Vehicle Fume Extraction System captures the large volume of exhaust fumes generated by a 26.6 litre MBT diesel engine. The twin exhaust ports, together with an ancillary engine exhaust port, require a substantial system. With 40 years’ experience in the field of vehicle exhaust fume extraction, Fumex Ltd have the extensive depth of knowledge to provide such a system.

Articulated Boom Arms are designed to support the large diameter, high temperature hose / ducting required for large military vehicles. Manufactured from high quality steel profiles, they include smooth ball-bearing pivots and a disc brake to ensure easy positioning.

Alternatively, our Retractable Hose Reel is spring recoiled for ease of use and its high temperature hose and nozzle hang at a convenient height above the operator’s head. When needed for use, the operator grasps the nozzle and simply pulls out the required length of hose before connecting it to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. After use the nozzle is manually disconnected, then give the hose a pull and the reel will recoil the hose automatically.

All our extraction systems are fitted with high performance centrifugal fans and vented to atmosphere via a Jet-cowl.

Fumex Ltd also provide a complete range of exhaust extraction hoods, all manufactured by Fumex Ltd in galvanised steel. These can be custom designed to fit a one-off exhaust or special vehicle.


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