Dental Aerosol Extraction

Fumex Ltd supply and install a wide range of Dental Aerosol Extraction Systems including Mini Extraction Arms to help minimise the risk from dental aerosols. These may be wall or ceiling mounted (including suspended ceilings) to provide at source extraction for maximum efficiency

One additional benefit of aerosol extraction is the system will provide extra air room changes, this helps to further minimise any exposure risk. All our systems vent to atmosphere and so do not include any expensive replacement filters.

Dental Aerosol Extraction
Dental Aerosol Extraction

There are no costly replacement filters to purchase, as with mobile units, making our systems highly cost-effective. Our Mini Arms have a working reach of up to 2.1m and are easy to use and position. All our extraction systems are individually designed to meet all your exact requirements and installed by our own trained engineers.

0.75-1.1Kw single phase fans are fitted with silencers and are ideal for residential type properties and may be mounted in a loft/roof space or externally. Noise level at the nozzle is less than 70db.

High quality galvanised steel ducting/fittings are used and are installed above ceiling level whenever possible.

• Easy to use & position
• Wall or ceiling mounted
• Retractable after use
• Mini Arm tubing 100mm dia
• Anodized aluminium tubing
• Optional hoods available
• No costly filters required
• Full COSHH airflow certification included

A dental aerosol is generated by various dental procedures, these include, using high-speed handpieces for routine procedures, Cavitron, Piezosonic or mechanised scalers and during polishing.

Dental aerosols may contain a multitude of things - saliva, plaque, blood, fine abrasive particles, bacteria and viruses. This aerosol cloud can quickly fill the working environment, be inhaled by all staff and settle on surrounding surfaces and floors.

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