Retractable Reel Systems for Emergency Vehicles

Fumex Ltd offers a complete line of vehicle exhaust products for every budget and need, ranging from economical hose drop systems to more advanced systems, such as Retractable hose reels, and sliding suction rails.

However, Fumex Ltd offers much more than just vehicle exhaust drops, reels or rails, we offer complete system solutions. We will design, install and commission the entire system for you from the drops, reels or rails, to the ducting, centrifugal fan and jet cowl.

The manually operated Hose Reel is spring recoiled and its high temperature hose and nozzle hang at a convenient height above the operator’s head. To retract the hose, disconnect the rubber nozzle from the free-standing nozzle, give the hose a pull to release the rachet and allow the reel to recoil the hose.

  • Captures exhaust fumes on start-up and whilst idling
  • Wide range of free-standing nozzles available
  • Simple to operate and install
  • Cost-effective solution
  • No direct contact with vehicle
  • Ideal for larger multi-bay applications


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