Fixed Point & Semi-Flexible Systems

Ideal for single bay/smaller stations, our fixed or semi-flexible systems offer a cost-effective solution to exhaust extraction for emergency vehicles.

The Fixed Point System consists of galvanised steel ducting bracketed directly to the wall, with the desired length of high temperature hose/rubber nozzle attached to it. The rubber nozzle is then connected to one of our free-standing nozzles to capture the exhaust fumes on start-up/idling.

Agricultural Exhaust Extraction
Agricultural Exhaust Extraction

Our Semi-Flexible Systems have a flexible coupling (with internal safety link) at the top of the exhaust drop, making it perfect for smaller multi-bay stations. The high temperature hose/rubber nozzle is then attached to a free-standing nozzle to capture exhaust fumes on start-up/idling.

Both systems include a high-performance centrifugal fan to expel all exhaust fumes to atmosphere via a jet-cowl.

• Highly cost-effective
• Simple to operate
• Wide range of free-standing nozzles available

Fixed & Semi Flexible Systems
Retractable Reels
Retractable Reals
Free Standing Nozzles