We’re Open for Business

Date: January 2021

We'd like to reassure all our customers that we're open for business and working safely to meet the Governments Covid Guidelines. Please get in touch as usual with your requirements for:

Widely used in many engineering processes including; milling, drilling, on lathes, CNC machines etc and are commonly known as Metalworking Fluids.

We have a range of specifically designed units to extract and filter metalworking fluid vapours including:

Oil Mist/Metalworking Fluid Vapour Extraction

• Centralised
• Standalone
• Mobile systems


Weld Fume Extraction Systems

The mixture of airborne particles/fumes and hot gases produced by the weld fume process make them particularly dangerous to anyone working with them, unless they are safely captured before being inhaled by the operator.

We have a range of units specifically for safely removing welding fumes including:

• Fixed Point Systems
• Mobile Units