Mobile Extraction Unit - MF-Eco HEPA (H13/W3)

The 2020 MF-Eco HEPA mobile weld fume extraction unit is suitable for light grinding or dust extraction with a built-in Jet-Pulse Cleaning System. This provides quick and easy cleaning of the primary cartridge filter (when connected to a compressed air supply) and greatly increases the life of this filter by up to 100 times. To protect the filters from sparks, a spark deflection plate is also included.

With a new two stage filtration system, the primary cartridge filter removes any larger particles being drawn into the unit and has up to 99% efficiency. This extends the life of the main HEPA filter, which has over 99.95% (H13/W3) efficiency. The 1.1kW motor extracts over 1000m3/h through the hood, the MF-Eco HEPA is a cost-effective solution to all your weld fume and light grinding extraction requirements.

Our mobile weld fume extraction units are supplied complete with super flexible 3m Flexi Extractor Arm, internal primary cartridge filter, main HEPA filter and hood. Simply plug in, switch on and you’re ready to weld or grind.

Please contact us on 0114 234 1114 for further details or to arrange a free demonstration of our mobile fume extraction products.

Available in 110V & 240V and now with optional flow meter.


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