Spring Retractable Reel (with 7.5m or 10m hose)

Our Retractable Reel is 650mm wide and comes with either 7.5m or 10m of 100mm Ø high temperature hose and fitting kit.

Our Retractable Reels are the ideal cost-effective solution for any modern automotive workshop that carries out exhaust extraction. They are simple to operate and allow quick and easy access to your exhaust extraction system.

The internal rachet system allows the reel to lock in selected positions, to recoil the reel, simply pull the hose to release the rachet. It is suitable for wall, ceiling and boom arm mounting and can accommodate 100mm, 125mm and 150mm high temperature hoses. Fumex Ltd also supply Retractable Reels in 1000mm and 1250mm widths, motorised retractable reels, hose fitting kits and high temperature hoses.

Please call our team on 0114 234 1114 for further details or to discuss your extraction requirements.


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