Jaguar/Land Rover Service Centre

Fumex Ltd won the contract to supply and install the exhaust extraction system at this prestigious state-of the-art service centre.

The system consisted of our retractable reels, high temperature hosing, a range of nozzles and centrifugal fans. The retractable reels are spring operated to allow the technician to easily connect the nozzle to the vehicle. To recoil the reel, the hose is gently pulled to release the ratchet, and this recoils the hose/nozzle.

Land Rover Service Centre
Land Rover Service Centre

These were all installed by our own trained engineers to the highest standard.

We also supplied our free-standing twin nozzle adaptors, developed and manufactured by Fumex Ltd in Sheffield. These easily allow vehicles with ‘built-in’ twin exhausts to still utilise the exhaust extraction system, even when a standard rubber clamp or push on nozzle can’t be fitted. We have both low and high models available to cover any vehicle ramp height.